Bachelor Nation fans first met Lace Morris on Season 20 of “The Bachelor,” and she returned to our screens for Seasons 3 and 8 of “Bachelor in Paradise.”

Then, over the summer, Lace announced that she and marketing mogul Ryan Nelson were expecting their first child together.

Lace and Ryan ended up going their separate ways before their son Liam was born in March.

Now, Lace is opening up about single parenthood and more in a new Q&A on Instagram.

She started off by answering a fan who asked how co-parenting is going, and she said, “This is one of the most asked questions, I’ll be honest, not fun. This is an intense co-parenting situation. There are so many layers. It hasn’t been pretty. There has been confusion, anger, heartbreak, and relief. Court stuff is finally moving along. I’m just ready to move onto the next chapter y’all. I’ll never understand the ‘why’ of this one, it just is what it is.”

She also answered a fan who asked if Liam’s dad is involved in his life, saying, “Lots of these questions too, it’s a minimal schedule. He’s being there for Liam, I’ll give him that.”

Lace shared a postpartum update about how she’s doing, saying, “Physically I’m doing so well, need to get into a consistent workout routine, but we’ll get there. So glad to be out of that first six weeks postpartum period. Mentally, some days are amazing and some days are tough. Liam and I are thriving together though.”

And when someone asked Lace if she’s up to start dating again, she shared a picture of her baby and wrote, “Liam says no.”

We’re happy Lace is taking care of herself and we love hearing about all the parenting updates with her adorable little one.

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